Women’s Basketball Ball

The difference between Men and Women’s Basketball Balls

If you watch Women’s basketball, you probably know that it is fundamentally different from Men’s Basketball. Relying less on athleticism and speed, women’s basketball is oriented more on teamwork, game IQ and shooting ability.

Women’s Basketball Balls are slightly smaller than the standard men’s basketball- being 28.5 inches in circumference (or otherwise known as a size 6 basketball ball) as opposed to 29.5 (size 7 basketball ball). So if you’re looking for a women’s basketball ball all you really need to know to make sure it’s legit is that it’s a size 6. You’ll find that most major brands such as Spalding, Molten, Wilson and Nike, offer size 6 basketballs for women which are identical  to men’s basketball balls in everything except size.

The WNBA has similar requirements to the NBA- they use Spalding’s official WNBA game ball, and their official requirements are to use an orange and white, 28.5-29 inch,  18-20 ounce women’s ball. Here are our 3 favorite women’s basketball balls, divided into categories:


Best Indoor Women’s Basketball Ball:

Size 6 Spalding TF-1000 Basketball - Little brother (or sister) of the size 7 Spalding TF-1000, which to our opinion is one of the best basketball balls ever made. This ball has perfect weight and bounces consistently and is perhaps the ideal women’s basketball ball.

Size 6 Spalding TF-1000 Basketball -


Best Indoor/Outdoor Women’s Basketball Ball:

Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball  - Just like the Molten BGM7, what makes this ball unique is its tough composite cover which makes it a suitable ball to play with anywhere, in practically any condition. Molten provide a one year manufacture warranty proving their confidence in this balls durability. As far as value for price, this may be the best women’s basketball out there.


Best Outdoor Women’s Basketball Ball:

Spalding WNBA Game Outdoor Basketball - Despite being an outdoor basketball, this ball is made of composite leather. Designed for competitive outdoors play,it features Spalding’s patented 2-panel construction. The ultra-deep shooter’s feel channel design is great for shooting. This, together with the composite leather give it a great, professional feel and make it perhaps the best women’s basketball ball you will find for under $20.

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