Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop

Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop With 60” Glass Backboard

Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball HoopThe Spalding “Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop -60” Glass Backboard is the ultimate in basketball systems for your home. It is very stylish in look. It brings the basketball arena to your home.  This basketball system has four-strut pole/base mount that allows for superior system rigidity. So that you can play the most intense game and your system will hold up like new. The Spalding “Beast”  Hoop  has a multi-wheel design with castors and a handle that will allow moving this basketball system really ease.  There is a handle so that you can move the unit before a game. The base holds 50 plus gallons of either water or sand which gives it pretty good stability. The backboard is huge at 60 inches wide and ¼-inch thick. It is made of pure glass. The glass backboard was created so that players can a more real experience. It actually gives a player 37 % truer rebound than backboards made out of acrylic. The frame is heavy duty steel with aluminum trim which will fully supported this massive backboard allowing players to focus on the game instead of worrying about whether or not the backboard will be able to withstand game play. The backboard also has a four-point Z-arm board mount provides increased stability and goal reinforcement. This Spalding Backboard includes a Pro Image breakaway rim with heavy duty wrap around support and steel rams. The institutional style screw-jack lift provides infinite height adjustment from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. And to top it off, this basketball system comes with a five year warranty.


Pros: Strong construction, big glass backboard, feels like the real thing

Cons: Reports of some minor pieces missing, assembly, system can leak

Performance: 9/10

Price: $949-$1,200

Value for money: 9/10

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Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop Basketball System Review #1: Azsun “What I was looking for before I purchased: -> Sturdy with a big backboard for two rough n tumble boys (and their friends). We like it so much, I had a friend pour a small concrete slab just for the Beast.

Was it worth the money:-> Yes, the delivery to my house was very convenient. The ‘Beast’ components of this system will last until my kids go off to college in four years. This system is night and day compared to cheaper systems (we did go thru a cheaper system in one year).

Advice: -> For setup, make sure you have the tools recommended, a real time saver. I needed a longer neck socket wrench (my kids heard a few grumbles from me that morning).

This is the first review I felt compelled to write in five years of buying many things from Amazon. Make sure you check out all the reviews because they were very helpful. Thanks to all the previous reviewers.”

Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop Basketball System Review #2: Helen L (Massachusetts) “For a portable hoop, this is amazing. Took my husband and I an afternoon to assemble. That part is not easy and I would say that you need someone who is familiar with assembling things. Putting the post together was the hardest part and at some point I thought we wouldn’t be able to do it. You really need someone who is strong with a good back. Make sure you have good help. Once together it is terrific and very stable. My boys and their friends have enjoyed playing basketball with it and has made our old hoop look pretty sad. I have only one rule tho, and that is no hanging off the hoop.

I would recommend this, but know going into this that you need someone with a good back to help put it together. There is a lot of pounding one piece of post into another and you need to stand on a ladder to get the height to do it. We live in an area that is quite windy and it stood thru many storms and cold weather. We have had it for almost a year.


Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop Basketball System Review #3: AB (So. CA USA) “Did a lot of research before buying and finally decided to pay the money for “The Beast” for my 13 yr old son. I’m very glad I took my time deciding and got the best portable system available. Having a 60″ glass backboard almost makes this feel like you’re playing in a real gym! Unit does wobble a bit when you shoot up a brick but not any more than the residential in-ground units do. The handle makes the unit easy to move anywhere you want it. It uses a four wheel system that can be steered like a wagon. No more struggling trying to tip the unit over and roll on two wheels. Rim height adjustment is easy and accurate. I really like the overhang that the backboard has from the base so you can “play in the paint” without running into the base. Ordered from Amazon and received the unit in 9 days. Delivery guys delivered to my door, not just curbside. I don’t know why some other reviewers had trouble with the assembly instructions. They are clear and concise and easy to follow. One thing that I would advise anybody who gets this is to check all the parts before starting assembly. I had two sets of rear struts in the box and no set of front struts. They look the same except the fronts have more holes to bolt stuff to. I called Spalding and they answered right away. I told them the problem and they sent the front struts via Fedex and I had them a week later. Disappointing to have to wait another week to put it together but not that big of a deal. My 13 yr old son and I assembled the unit completely in about 3 hrs. It’s really basic to assemble as long as you follow the instructions and have a nice set of sockets. No hang-ups at all. I was wavering between buying “The Beast” or a lower priced Spalding unit with 54″ glass backboard but I think it was worth the extra $ to have “The Beast”. The unit plays very well and looks and feels like my son will have years of fun using it.”

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