Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball

Spalding Never Flat Outdoor BasketballSpalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball

The Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Rubber Basketball is an outdoor rubber basketball with a twist: No need to buy a pump. Employing Spaldings Pressure retention technologies, they created a special membrane designed to tighten the pores in the balls bladder. Together with a specially designed cap-valve and injected Nitroflate molecules, Spalding guarantee this ball will stay inflated for at least a year! Some claim that after a year or so it needs to be inflated and that the cap valve and membrane actually make it more difficult to inflate, but we here at never had a problem.

For an outdoor rubber ball, the Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball is at the top of our list because it provides everything you can expect from a rubber basketball and more. This basketball provides great durability, good weight (uncommon for rubber balls) and a generally good feel. We’re not sure the Spalding Never Flat outdoor basketball performance can truly justify its price (we would recommend buying an indoor/outdoor ball for the $20-$30 price range unless you truly prefer outdoor only balls), but we still think it’s the best outdoor basketball around.

Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball Scorecard

Pros: Durability, Bounce, Grip

Cons: Can be difficult to inflate

Performance: 8.5/10

Price: Usually $25-$35

Value for money: 7/10

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More Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball Reviews

Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball Review 1) Thomas C. J. “We have 4 basketballs and this is our favorite one. WE have only had this ball 1 month but if it continues to do well we will probably have 4 of them in a year or 2. I can see how some people would complain about it coming not quite fully inflated. But we don’t see that as a big problem. It is inflated and bounces well. Could more air be put into it? Sure but that may make it over inflated. Remember it is a basketball not a bouncy clear that you should go with Spalding and BUY THIS BASKETBALL!”

Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball Review 2) S. Stuart “I got this ball to just dribble around outside, and am happy with it. I know very little about how a basketball should feel, but it bounces well, and has a nice grip to it. Seems to be built to be very durable.”

Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball Review 3) W. Lin “I bought this ball a few months ago, and I have to say.. it’s actually pretty good. Just don’t over inflate it because if you do, it’s going to get too bouncy, but anyways, if you play a lot outside with this ball, your hands will get pretty rough and yeah.. I would recommend a outdoor/indoor ball instead but if you like outdoor balls, this one is the one to go with.”

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  1. When it comes to choosing an outdoor basketball for my son, I saw many options and at first was very confused, but with this review, it seems like the right ball. Thanks for the post, looking forward to owning it..

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