Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball

Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA BasketballOur Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball Review:

The Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball meets the FIBA‘s official (and stringent) specifications. The Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball is an official men’s 29.5, size 7 and has a durable composite cover. Molten’s high quality composite cover make the Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball extra durable and incredibly “playground tough”. It is also perfect for basketball clubs, camps, and even for the “garage-door Pro”.  The Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball is made with Moltens unique 12 panel 2 tone design. Some people prefer this 12 panel design to the more traditional 8 panel design, claiming that the additional soft rubber seams, give Molten’s balls especially good grip. The yellow 2 tone design gives the basketball great illumination at night or in poorly lit courts. Its diversity is what makes this one of the best indoor/outdoor basketball balls,  enabling you to play in any condition. The Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball is such a high quality basketball that it comes with one year manufacture warranty. For an under $30 basketball that’s pretty good!

Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball Scorecard

Pros: Feel, Grip, Durability, Diversity

Cons: Feels small to some people

Performance: 8.5/10

Price: Usually $25-$30

Value for money: 9/10

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More Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball Reviews:

Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball Review1) arod “This ball is amazing! The quality from feel and durability are exceptional. I been playing with this ball mostly outdoors on a rugged beat up court and so far has kept up. The feel and bounce of this ball is above anything else. Also with other reviews that say this ball is smaller than 29.5 is crazy, yes it does look smaller but I believe the design on the ball creates this illusion cause I went ahead and measured it and it came to 29.5. I really doubt that a company like Molten being the official ball for the Euro league and Olympics would allow a ball not to size to be sold to the customers. In my personnel preference I like this ball a lot more than Spalding and already went ahead and purchased there indoor ball. I highly recommend this ball and I also received this ball in two days delivery very quick.”

Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball Review 2): X.W.  “I have been playing with this ball for a couple of months. It is very well made basketball and very comfortable to play. If you used to play other type of balls, you may spend some time to adjust the way you handle this ball because of the type of material it used. It is definitely great ball to have.”

Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball Review 3): “I’ve been wanting to get one of these babys for a while. Finally ordered one and been playing with it for a while. Let’s get down the review. While this ball may not “feel” regulation size for a big man (F/C), it feels right at home in the palms of a smaller guard. It has a sleek design & slick feel which allows for the ball to roll off your finger tips instead of pushing it. This a ball built for european basketball which usually plays a more wide open style, a la D’Antoni Suns so it’s a “faster” ball and not “mushy” like most indoor balls. It will take a minute to get used to the channels/feel but it’s become my favorite ball. Definitely worth the $30. PROS- Faster, sleeker design and feel is a + for guards who like to push the tempo. Eye catching design. CONS- May feel “small” for big men, Most ballers will recognize it and ask to let them try it about 10-15 times a day LOL.”

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