Best Outdoor Basketball

Best Outdoor Basketball:Best Outdoor Basketball

Finding a really good Outdoor Basketball Ball can be tricky. Outdoor “street” basketballs are typically made of rubber which many times will affect the balls weight, bounce and overall feel. By purchasing a rubber basketball keep in mind you might be sacrificing some of the bounce and handle otherwise provided by leather or synthetic balls. The flip-side of that is that you will be saving money on the purchase and your ball will usually last much longer. Rubber basketballs  tend to be lighter and stickier than leather or synthetic microfiber balls. This doesn’t affect only their bounce, but their reaction to the rim and backboard as well. For entry level, or the occasional baller, a rubber ball might be the most suitable thing to own. That said, if you have the extra money and consider yourself a serious basketball player, even if you play exclusively outdoors, we would recommend buying an indoor/outdoor basketball before buying a rubber ball.

So which are the best? For a limited budget, there are some surprisingly good Outdoor Basketball Balls, here are our favorites:


To see the following balls side by side and compare prices and performance,

see our Best Outdoor Basketballs Comparison Chart


5 Best Outdoor Basketball Balls:

1) Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball

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2) Spalding 63249 NBA Street Basketball

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3) Baden Official Rubber Basketball

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4) Molten FIBA Outdoor Rubber Basketball

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5) Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball

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The Best Outdoor Basketball Balls above have been chosen according to our personal taste and humble ball handling experiences. Read further about our best indoor/outdoor basketball and best indoor basketball choices!

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