Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Finding the Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball:Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

The Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball balls are much more durable than pretty much all leather Indoor Basketballs and provide a much better feel than your typical rubber Outdoor Basketball. Most Indoor/Outdoor Basketballs are typically made of a synthetic composite, aka- “synthetic leather”. If you’re a hardcore baller who always has a ball in his hand, and a large proportion of your playing is outside this might be the ball for you. These hybrids will offer the best of both worlds: Near leather like quality, with rubber like durability. Indoor/Outdoor balls sometimes take a while to be “broken” which might make their bounce and feel a bit awkward at first, but don’t worry- once they get there, they’ll provide high performance for ages. They will also cost somewhere in between Rubber (outdoor) balls and Leather (indoor) basketballs providing what is probably the best value for money.


To see the following balls side by side and compare prices and performance,

see our Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketballs Comparison Chart


5 Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Balls-

1) Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball

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2) Spalding Never Flat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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3) Rawlings Edge Composite Microfiber Official Size Basketball

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4) Wilson NCAA Wave Microfiber Composite Basketball 

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5) Molten BGM7 Composite FIBA Basketball

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The Basketballs above have been chosen according to our personal taste and humble ball handling experiences. Read further about our best indoor basketball and best outdoor basketball choices!

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