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The Baden Official Rubber Basketball is a great Indoor/Outdoor basketball in all its versions. In addition to the classic stylishly colored red white and blue Baden classic, they offer several versions of this ball: X-Tread ( house favorite- made of tire tread offering superior weight and grip for a rubber ball. See Pic), Nite Brite (glows in the dark) Skilcoach Shooters Ball and more… This basketball was designed for the ultimate street game. Dust, dirt, and asphalt can be a killer on the average basketball but the Baden Official Rubber basketball is designed to hold up in the toughest conditions. The rubber cover makes this one of the best basketball ball for durability. This ball will allow you to play the most intense game without worrying about it getting damaged or destroyed. The Baden Official Rubber Basketball is made with a unique tire tread design which gives the basketball excellent grip.  Physical Education teachers praise the durability and construction of the Baden Official Rubber Basketball because the typical basketballs end up deflated and bent out of shape. They usually don’t last more than a few weeks to a few months after intense play. The Baden Official Rubber basketball last for years.  I have given the Baden Official Rubber basketball a try and I know that there is no other ball that can stand up to the intensity of a good street game.


Pros: Durability, Feel, Grip

Cons: Strange looking

Performance: 8.5/10

Price: Usually $10-$20

Value for money: 10/10

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Baden Official Rubber basketball Review 1) Ryan NC “I ordered this basketball thinking it probably wouldn’t last too long here in Afghanistan. So far, it has been used every day for the past few weeks and it looks as if it just came out of the box. It has gone on gravel, pavement, concrete, dirt, and even through hot coals (long story). Love the basketball – highly recommend!!! Thanks for making a quality product at an awesome price! Now to find a decent pump :)”

Baden Official Rubber basketball Review 2) Galaxy Gun “This is the best basketball ever I just got this basketball and it is the perfect shaPe it can bounce very well and it is made out of tire tread type like the beat thing is that it is fin amazon which gave me this ball for a excellent price you should BUY this ball from amazon you won’t REGRET it and this ball
Will be able to play any where and i am very sure about that.”

Baden Official Rubber basketball Review 3) Sean M. “I teach PE at an urban middle school where the kids play basketball on rough blacktop all day, and before I found this ball, I never found a ball that lasted longer than two weeks. But these basketballs appear to be indestructible, and the kids love them. They look undeniably cool, and they are tough and easy to play with, plus the cover retains its grip. I’ve spent twice as much on school-supplied basketballs that fell right apart.”

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