54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding Basketball System

54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding Basketball System

54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding

Parents who want their kids to be more active should invest in a good portable basketball system so that they kids have immediate access to outdoor fun. The Spalding Portable Basketball System – 54″ Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard is just the basketball system that will give parents the tool necessary to help their children become more physically active.  This basketball system comes with a 40 gallon capacity base that can be filled with either water or sand for stability. This basketball system can have its height adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet high.  It comes with a 54-inch wide tempered glass backboard with a Pro-Tek layer for added durability. The Spalding Portable Basketball System – 54″ Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard has a solid steel Arena Slam breakaway rim, protective board pad, and heavy duty front wedge pole cover.  Another great feature of this basketball system is that it can be wall mounted to the side of a house, a tall retaining wall, or a garage. This is a good feature to use if you don’t want to cement the basketball system into the ground. However, when the base is filled with sand or water it is enough to provide excellent stability to the basketball system. If the basketball system is filled with water or sand it is able to keep its mobility due to the wheel system that allows for stability and portability at the same time.  When the Spalding Portable Basketball System – 54″ Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard is portable it has the ability to be folded for the convenience of storage.

Pros: Portable, backboard is just like a pro system, playing on the system has the same feel as the in-ground system.

Cons: Glass backboard can shatter, assembly is a little difficult, base able to leak.

Performance: 9/10

Price: $650-$850

Value For The Money: 8/10

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54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding Basketball System Reviews:

54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding Basketball System Review #1: Gary Siegal (Alpharetta, GA, USA) “Congratulations to the other self-installers who completed this project in 3 hours or less. Even more kudos to anyone that did it by him/herself. My main issue was with the attachment of the rim securing part to the glass backboard. I followed the directions exactly, and on tightening of the metal piece, the glass backboard shattered. I phoned Spalding customer service and was asked if the foam insert was already on the glass. It was not preinstalled or referenced in the instructions. I looked through the parts bin and found the part they had asked me about on the phone. It was not labeled or on the parts sheet in the boklet. I thought it would come later in the install. I was asked to email a photo to Spalding along with my receipt and a description of what had happened. Spalding sent me a brand new backboard in 2 days at no cost. This time, the foam pad and large metal pieces were preinstalled. The rest of the installation was a breeze. I was frustrated that Spalding knew about the problem and did not coordinate with Amazon.com to recall the defective backboard before it was shipped. I do not place the blame with Amazon.com. Be careful to inspect the backboard after purchase to make sure the foam pad and metal pieces are pre-installed on the glass backboard. Spalding informed me that even if I did not shatter the backboard during installation, it would have happened very early in its use.”

54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding Basketball System Review #2: High Desert “Product was delivered sooner than anticipated then the tracking # indicated. A freight company (ABF)delivered it to my front porch. I e-mailed ABF and requested they leave it without me being there to sign for it as I would have to of taken off work. I left my gate open and at my request, the delivery person closed and locked it after he left. Great service right off the bat.

Opened it up. All parts were there and in perfect shape. Set up was fairly easy. Just be SURE and follow the directions and you will have no problem. I set this up by myself with the help of my 8yr old son fetching parts and tools for me. *You will need a couple small pieces of 2×4 or 2×6 to bang the post sections together* Again… Be SURE and pay attention to the instruction manual for the correct ORIENTATION of the poles when putting the sections together. If you accidentally get it wrong… Im not sure how you will get them apart (just FYI). I also used a little bit of PAM cooking spray to help lube the ends that go together. After you have put the first 2 sections together, my recommendation is to lay the pole on the ground and use something sturdy (sidewalk curb, leg of a porch, block wall, or in my case a rail road tie) to help connect the last section as you bang it on. REMEMBER to orient the poles correctly before pounding them together. If you dont have a saw horse then be creative (I used the bed of my truck to support the goal as I constructed) IF you decide to tackle this by yourself… I would recommend that you move the goal into place and fill with water or sand before attaching the screw jack system (its just easier to place the screw jack when the goal is upright) You will need at least a 6ft ladder to attach the screw jack if you do it as I suggest.
Safety tip – When moving the goal into place, remember that the center of gravity is where the top and middle poles come together. This will be the easiest place to carry it from (if building this alone). Also when standing it up, make sure the wheels do not roll out from underneath you regardless of when you attach the screw jack system.
Other than that… everything is pretty straight forward. Pay attention to the directions and take your time. Took me about 5hrs all together.
Nuts and bolts could be a little better organized per section but not too bad overall.

Performance – What a huge difference compared to the acrylic backboards! The rebound is way better off of the glass. My son and I are loving it and it looks pretty stylish in our front yard. GREAT BUY!”

54 Inch Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard Spalding Basketball System Review #3: Pete Lopez (Chandler, AZ, USA) “Don’t be scared away from some of the reviews.The system is as good as it’s gonna get for a portable system with a plastic base.There is still some movement to rim but it’s not bad.If you know how to use tools in my opinion this is 1 of 5. 1 being

the easiest.If your not that mechanically inclined then of course it will be harder.I put most of this together by myself.You will need a second person for a few steps.The worst part for me was getting all the sand in the base.Just read though all the reviews you will get some helpful hints that will make your job easier.”

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