Finding The Best Basketball

How to find the best basketball for you

Finding the Best Basketball Ball can be a tough task. Most serious ballers don’t limit themselves to one terrain- be it indoor hardwood floors or outdoor asphalt or concrete; each has a different effect on your basketball balls bounce, feel and wear. Finding the right indoor, indoor/outdoor or outdoor basketball that will fit all your needs can be tricky- Most ballers don’t want to have to buy a different basketball for every place they play. This website is dedicated to providing reviews and tips which will hopefully help you find the best basketball ball.

What makes a great basketball?

Technological improvements are constantly improving basketball balls grip, durability, moisture absorbency and more. But with so many basketball brands, each claiming it offers the best basketball ball, finding the right basketball for you, can sometimes become confusing. The NBA uses the Spalding NBA Official Game Ball, the NCAA uses the Wilson Solution Basketball ball, FIBA uses Molten, ULEB uses Nike etc… So with all these Basketball Ball Brands, each claiming to have special features, which can stand behind the hype? Which actually offer the benefits that you need? And where should you buy them? Amazon tend to have good deals for finding some of the best basketballs. Keep reading and browse through our website to see what suits your needs best. But in the meantime, we give you our own personal favorite Basketball Balls:

Becoming the Best Baller

Becoming the best baller you can be a long and difficult process. Owning a great basketball might help develop your play, but in order to truly be the best you need to bring unique skills to the table. If you look at the NBA, every single player has at least one great thing going for him- whether its hops, shooting, blocking or just sheer size… Did you know that 17% of all seven footers in the world play in the NBA? it’s true, Google it. But that’s because just a fraction of us are seven feet tall. Assuming you’re relying on skill (and not size) to turn you into a great basketball player, keep in mind that what the truly great possess, is the ability to dominant multiple skills and the ability to add a new weapon to their arsenal. Of course, as mentioned above- owning these skills takes countless hours of hard basketball labor and truly focusing on improving your game.

There are some shortcuts you may find useful- Youtube has become a great place for tutorials about how to improve your basketball skills, but there are a couple programs we here at recommend, sign up to our mailing list and we’ll send you some great links!

In any case, no program will help without lots of practice. Teach yourself something new every day, and you’ll become the best basketball baller you can be.

Best Basketball Ball- Top 5’s:

Be sure to check out our information and reviews about some of the best indoor basketball balls, indoor/outdoor basketball balls and outdoor basketball balls- all here to help you find the absolute best basketball for you!


  • Prince Stoltenberg said:
    February 22, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    I personally used YouTube to get useful tutorials. However, the review post on this site helped me a lot than the YouTube. Here, I came to know about the essentials of becoming the best baller and much more. I like this post and try to implement all such things while playing the game.

  • Andrew said:
    February 22, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    My name is Andrew, I’ve owned a few Wilson Jet basketballs throughout the years, and I gotta say they’ve really improved the technology on it. Definitely a ball I can recommend!

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